【ESG專屬Intern】Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited-”Green X Gen Z” Internship Program

Car Tong | 08/04/2024

ESG或者可持續發展都係近年嚟比較重視嘅工作範疇,如果你想畢業後搵份CSR/ESG等工作嘅話,不如考慮下報名中國銀行嘅”Green X Gen Z” Internship Program啦!係為期8周嘅Internship Period入面,你將會係唔同部門到完成有關ESG嘅task,對於刷靚份CV會有好大幫助架!不過佢哋4月30號截止報名申請,想報就唔好錯過啦!


During the 8-week internship, BOCHK will provide interns with a diverse and comprehensive training program. We will organize specialized training sessions about the latest trends and practical case studies in the application of ESG concepts of the banking industry. Also, through job shadowing and research project, you will have the opportunity to participate in the practical application of ESG principles in the workplace. Moreover, an experienced mentor/buddy will be assigned to provide guidance and advice on your professional growth and development in banking industry.

During the internship, you will have the opportunity to explore topics of interest based on your career development aspirations, including Green Governance, Social Development, Financial Inclusion/Green Finance, Technology Innovation, Green Operations and Risk Management.

Internship Period:24 June 2024 – 16 August 2024 (8 weeks)


(1)Undergraduate students or above who are currently studying in the universities in Hong Kong

(2)Strong academic performance and desire to pursue career in banking industry

(3)Excellent communication and interpersonal skill

(4)Self-motivated, passionate, responsible and strong team spirit

(5)Excellent written and spoken English and Chinese proficiency


    大專生很多時候急需資金周轉交學費,但政府學資處的貸款計劃又未能及時批核。因此,uFinance 根據過往同學們的良好還款紀錄,不斷簡化申請程序,申請只需「學生證+身份證」,申請成功率高達95%,全程網上快捷辦妥,貼合同學需要。

  • 滿足不同經濟需要:交學費、交Hall Fee、還卡數、買電腦、學車、創業
  • 任何本地大專院校學生均可申請
  • 申請只需2份文件(學生證+身份證),毋需收入證明
  • 月平息一律低至 0.84%*
  • 最快即日批核
  • 全程網上申請貸款及確認過數
  • 隨時提早還款,0手續費0罰息

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