【Agency入行之選】Digitas Hong Kong Limited-Digital Media Executive

Car Tong | 10/04/2024

近年好多同學畢業之後想做Digital Marketing相關嘅工作,又想趁後生儲多啲經驗又唔怕chur,不如考慮下入去agency做啦!依家Digitas Hong Kong Limited請Digital Media Executive啦,想試下入agency嘅話就唔好錯過呢個機會啦!


(1)Holistic SEM program management including keywords development, ad creative and strategy, trafficking recommendations, optimizing program towards key business goals and reporting

(2)Actively participating in meetings and proactively documenting takeaways and next steps

(3)Assimilating data from multiple sources, compiling the information and drawing actionable conclusions that can be measured and reported

(4)Bid strategy optimization and testing. Daily checks on program KPIs, thresholds and campaign budget caps. Ongoing management of budget and pacing.

(5)Translating campaign/client goals into SEM tactics and effectively executing those tactics against the client’s strategy

(6)Implementing Paid Search best practices, providing refinement and optimization recommendations and proactively identifying campaign execution issues

(7)Monitoring emerging industry trends and summarizing them for internal and external stakeholders

(8)Leveraging and developing proficiencies with SEM platforms, tools and resources

(9)Developing campaign ad copy (text-based titles and descriptions or feed-based images) and tagging traffic or creative elements to sites per creative rotation instructions

(10)Help develop performance forecasts, budget allocations and providing data-based rationale for these recommendations

(12)Collaborating with both clients and internal cross-channel colleagues by providing reporting as requested in a concise and timely fashion

(13)Fostering relationship with internal teams, external partners and clients


(1)Fresh graduates with a relevant degree such with a concentration such as Business Systems Management and Information Management, with the passion and interest in the digital media business

(2)1 or more years of paid search experience, with knowledge of bid management platforms a plus

(3)Strong ability to work closely with your team to problem solve, prioritize tasks, and manage time effectively

(4)A detail-oriented approach and a desire to achieve objectives accurately

(5)Solid quantitative and research skills, and proven data interpretation capability

(6)Familiarity with the digital advertising space and a passion for growing that interest into a career

(7)Strong communication skills – you’re clear and thorough, yet concise

(8)A passion for building relationships and a desire to contribute to team building and event planning

(9)Exudes confidence and won’t hesitate to connect with colleagues throughout the organization to get the job done right

(10)Candidates with more experience may be considered as Digital Specialist


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