【Law友入】PUMA Legal Assistant / Intern (Full Time or Part Time)

Twing | 07/09/2020
【Law友入】PUMA Legal Assistant / Intern (Full Time or Part Time)
讀Law嘅朋友留意!Puma依家請緊Legal Assistant / Intern,part-time又得,Fresh grad嘅同學仔都報得。自問組織力強、注重細節、英文ok嘅你,就唔好錯過啦。



– Invoice Management: Develop and maintain a database and filing system for invoices; track and settle invoices

– Document Management: Develop and maintain a database and filing system for managing signed contracts, contract drafts, contract templates, corporate secretarial records, and other legal documents

– Compliance Work: Undertake third party due diligence (e.g. company searches; compliance searches); maintain compliance records; implement compliance protocols and campaigns

– General Administrative Support: Coordinate and arrange calls and meetings; prepare reports and presentations; provide other forms of support required by the legal team.



– Bachelor / Diploma holder (preferably but not necessarily in Legal Studies)

– Basic understanding of corporate law and contract law

– Excellent command of written and spoken English.  Additional languages are a plus but not strictly required

– Proficiency in MS Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

– Well-organized, detail-oriented and meticulous, with ability to manage and file large volume of legal and corporate documents in an orderly manner

– Excellent presentation, communication, writing and interpersonal skills

– Team player, self-motivating, resourceful, collaborative and energetic

– Fresh graduates & part time candidate are welcomed



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  • 同學仔只要係早上申請,最快可以係下午就拎到錢
  • 同學仔文件交齊,98%機會申請獲批
  • 提早還款唔會收同學仔任何手續費或罰息
  • 整個申請到還款過程 uFinance 不會收取同學任何手續費

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