【Grad job】Langham Hall – Fund Accountant

Twing | 21/08/2020
【Grad job】Langham Hall – Fund Accountant
Langham Hall是在英國成立的領先的跨國基金管理人,歐洲、美國同亞洲都設有offices。佢地嘅客戶包括著名嘅國際基金管理團隊和中型基金經理。 佢地為private equity同 real estate funds提供全面培訓同支持、發展技能機會以及穩定可靠嘅工作環境。而且會為完成專業資格嘅部分合格會計師提供考試支持(例如帶薪考試假、實踐經驗指導)。
Langham Hall依家請緊Fund Accountant,係graduate level呀。



– Supporting the preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and U.S. GAAP and quarterly investor reporting with financial performance calculations such as multiples and IRR

– Liaison with the client’s working team members in both Mandarin and English

– Maintenance of the full sets of accounts for the fund structure using our Private Equity implementation financial accounting system

– Provide ongoing compliance support for clients including AML/KYC, FATCA and Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

– Supporting the technical calculation of capital call / distribution and preparation of correspondence in accordance with the legal documents of the fund

– Supporting the client during the year-end audit, including the preparation of audit schedules



– Accounting graduates with a strong academic track and a suitable accounting focused degree

– 1-2 years accounting experience is helpful but not essential

– Audit experience or background is welcome

– Non-accounting graduates with a view to pursue professional accounting qualification will also be considered

– Intention to make a career as an accountant and pursue a professional accounting qualification

– A positive attitude, a sense of satisfaction from doing your best and self-discipline are all essential

– Excellent written and spoken Mandarin and English communication skills

– Experience in using accounting packages for bookkeeping and report production (desirable, not essential)

– Microsoft Excel and Word experience, including the ability to produce neatly presented work



Please email [email protected] with all of the following information:

Your resume

Details of your full academic record including exams taken and grades obtained from high school through university (transcripts are not required at this stage)

Work experience

Current and expected salary



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