【FG都可以apply】科學園 Motion Graphic Designer (Contract / Part-time)

Twing | 22/07/2020
Pantheon Lab Limited,香港科學園,用深度學習技術去創建軟件應用程序,以服務於內容、創意、營銷行業,理念係Building Imaginations into Reality。依家佢地搵緊喺Motion Graphic方面擁有經驗嘅designer,有Motion Graphic和視頻後期製作工作流程經驗嘅人就啱啦。佢地依家請緊Contract同part-time,Contract就係5-day work,fresh graduate可以apply;part-time就係per day計,做freelancer都ok。



– Design and create engaging visuals, infographics, 2D/3D motion graphic / videos for given projects and campaigns + FB/IG/Wechat/Weibo/LINE feeds

– Research, implement and gather various video resources for editing

– Source stock images and videos libraries

– Commercial product design and packaging design





– 2 years+ of solid experience in Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphic Design, Animation Design (fresh graduate with passion will also be considered)

– Certificate / Diploma / Degree Holder in Graphic Creative Media, Motion Graphic and/or Animation

– Experience in branding, packaging design

– Good command of presentation layout and drawing skills

– Proficient in creative software such as After Effects, Premier, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Sensei

– Knowledge of Cinema 4D is an advantage

– Start-up mindset

– Able to work under pressure with good problem solving skills

– Responsible, good communication skills and a team player

– Fresh graduate





【讀Housing Studies嘅人留意】物業管理業監管局 Part-time Data Entry Clerk

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【自覺係藝術人就入嚟】Hong Kong Design Centre Limited- Summer Intern (DFA Awards)

    唔少同學都會有財務需要,例如交學費,交卡數,Hall Fee, Exchange等,uFinance 為學生提供現時市場上最簡易申請低息學生貸款滿足你嘅財務需要,讓你可以擁有一個無壓力而又充實嘅校園生活。

  • 同學仔只要係早上申請,最快可以係下午就拎到錢
  • 同學仔文件交齊,98%機會申請獲批
  • 提早還款唔會收同學仔任何手續費或罰息
  • 整個申請到還款過程 uFinance 不會收取同學任何手續費

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