【Start Up Intern】EventXtra Digital Marketing Intern

Twing | 01/11/2020
【Start Up Intern】EventXtra Digital Marketing Intern
「EventXtra」係一間2014年成立嘅Start Up,開發一套針對活動主辦人同參加者嘅活動管理軟件,主要為企業提供一站式活動管理軟件服務,由一班九十後年輕人創立。今年疫情下仲推出「虛擬展覽」作解決方案,半年間營收增長達300%。Digital Marketing Intern 側重培訓各種digital marketing 技能,提供現實生活中機會去分析市場趨勢。



– Expand digital exposures for the online brand assets

– Create valuable marketing content and material for channel distribution

– Support planning & implementation of online marketing and social media campaigns

– Assist with general marketing activities including events, email campaigns and corporate client offers.

– Perform market analysis and research on the latest trends




– Fast learner and can-do attitude

– Diploma or higher education on marketing/ copywriting

– Strong writing and communication skills

– Basic knowledge of SEO

– A self-starter who is results-driven, focused and analytical

– Proficient in written Chinese and English

– Comfortable using Illustrator and Photoshop

– Hands-on experience in video editing is a bonus

– Works two days per week 



    大專生很多時候急需資金周轉交學費,但政府學資處的貸款計劃又未能及時批核。因此,uFinance 根據過往同學們的良好還款紀錄,不斷簡化申請程序,申請只需「學生證+身份證」,申請成功率高達95%,全程網上快捷辦妥,貼合同學需要。

  • 滿足不同經濟需要:交學費、交Hall Fee、還卡數、買電腦、學車、創業
  • 任何本地大專院校學生均可申請
  • 申請只需2份文件(學生證+身份證),毋需收入證明
  • 月平息一律低至 0.84%*
  • 最快即日批核
  • 全程網上申請貸款及確認過數
  • 隨時提早還款,0手續費0罰息

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