【K11 又請人】Part Time Project Assistant (Sustainability – Nature Discovery Park)

Twing | 18/10/2020
【K11 又請人】Part Time Project Assistant (Sustainability – Nature Discovery Park)
K11又請人啦!呢份工適合CS或者event support或者tourism方面有工作經驗,同埋對sustainability有興趣嘅朋友。工作主要係負責接待客人,支援Nature Discovery Park (K11 MUSEA)嘅workshops同tours。Nature Discovery Park 係香港第一個都市生物多樣性博物館,係一個提供sustainable lifestyle嘅教育公園同活動場地。



To support sustainability-themed business experiences, workshops and tours

To provide customer service and assist operations

To ensure a warm, friendly and professional welcome to all guests

To handle customers’ enquiries and complaints

To promote activities, exhibitions and events through both online and offline channels

To support any other tasks assigned by supervisor




Minimum 1 year of relevant experience in customer service / events support / sales / property / hotel / tourism field is preferable

Sales-driven, outgoing, energetic, open-minded, accountable, independent and able to work under pressure

Good command of written and spoken English, Cantonese and Mandarin

Good PC knowledge in MS office

Able to work during weekends



    唔少同學都會有財務需要,例如交學費,交卡數,Hall Fee, Exchange等,uFinance 為學生提供現時市場上最簡易申請低息學生貸款滿足你嘅財務需要,讓你可以擁有一個無壓力而又充實嘅校園生活。

  • 同學仔只要係早上申請,最快可以係下午就拎到錢
  • 同學仔文件交齊,98%機會申請獲批
  • 提早還款唔會收同學仔任何手續費或罰息
  • 整個申請到還款過程 uFinance 不會收取同學任何手續費

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