【IT人入】Classy Wheeler Limited Part Time Video Analytic Engineer

Neva | 15/05/2021

Classy Wheeler而家請緊 Video Analytic Engineer。無論喺full time/ part time/ internship/ freelance都可以,讀有關IT科目嘅同學快啲去apply啦!



– To build VA (video analytics) software application, for early engagement with customers by prototyping, and to propose, develop, and deploy winning solution based on VA technology.

– Work with a team of business and technology professionals to develop and implement intelligent solutions with machine learning, AI and various technology components.

– Work with our team to propose appropriate solutions for our clients.

– Build VA application for Proof of Concept (POC) in short time.

– Work closely with pre-sale team to map out functional and technical architecture, and cost estimation.

– Based on VA prototyping for POC, work with solution partner to integrate partner’s software components, or develop with partner, according to tender specification.

– Able to deploy solution based on Linux/Windows in data centre and customer premise without internet.



– Bachelor or Master Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related discipline (Internship / Fresh Graduates are also welcome)

– Familiar with Linux, bash script, python, OpenCV, C/C++, github, Docker, Apache, Base64, protobuffer.

– Knowledgeable in API for VA engine, by using restful, MQTT, AMQT.

– Knowledgeable in main stream VA framework like Caffe, Tensorflow, Openvino.

– Experience in trouble shooting network / application / OS issues in Linux / Windows (using command line)

– Familiar with linux scripts and file management, able to monitor and identify system issues remotely by SSH/putty/screen.

– Familiar with video streaming tools like ffmpeg / VLC, able to get RTSP stream from video source, for further processing.

– Understanding Ubuntu 18.04 server / Windows 10 server administration.

– Enthusiasm in new technologies (e.g. video analytics, IoT, AI)

– Experience in video analytics model transfer learning by GPU is a plus, but not a must

– Proficient in English and Putonghua



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