【Internship】Chandler Macleod – Legal Intern (Part-time)

Meimei | 18/01/2021

法律系嘅學生望哩邊!哩到有份Intern等緊你呀!Chandler Macleod依加請緊Legal Intern,每星期返8-12個鐘,主要負責行政工作



-Contact Judges Offices to ascertain their availability to review headnotes

-Confirm the relevant fax numbers for faxing the headnotes – these change on a regular basis

-Prepare fax cover letters in accordance with house standards and style

-Record and monitor deadlines

-Telephone external stakeholders with reminders if required

-File documents

-Print out hardcopy judgments in the office and arrange distribution by post or courier




-The successful applicant will be a senior law student attending university or have equivalent administrative experience in a law firm or law court

-Good communication skills, including verbal, written communication and high attention to detail

-Ability to schedule tasks, follow-up in a timely manner, and liaise with high-status external and internal stakeholders

-Ability to conduct simple legal research – online and in print – if required

-Ability to correctly file and retrieve documents – online and hardcopy

-Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications, ability to use standard PC/laptop technology, printers and fax machines

-Great opportunity for a law student to learn more about legal publishing and law reporting


Interested parties please click Apply Now or contact Steven Banh on +852 2833 4133 for more information.

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