【HSBC internship】Global Banking/ Markets Securities Services/ Global Asset Management/ Commercial Banking/ Wealth & Personal Banking

Twing | 25/10/2020
【HSBC internship】Global Banking: Markets Securities Services: Global Asset Management: Commercial Banking: Wealth & Personal Banking
匯豐銀行係全球最大嘅銀行同金融服務機構之一。 全球業務部通過遍布67個國家同地區嘅3900個辦事處,組成網絡,為大約3800萬客戶提供服務。依家請緊internship,包括Global Banking – Corporate Banking Off-Cycle、Global Banking – Corporate Banking、Global Banking – Investment Banking、Global Banking – Investment Banking Off-Cycle、Global Private Banking、Markets Securities Services 、Markets Securities Services Off-Cycle、Global Asset Management – Sales、Global Asset Management – Investments、Commercial Banking、Wealth and Personal Banking。截止日期係12月1號 11:59pm


Global Banking – Corporate Banking Off-Cycle Internship 更多詳情

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Global Banking – Investment Banking Summer Internship 更多詳情

Global Banking – Investment Banking Off-Cycle Internship 更多詳情

For:  Penultimate-year students (June/July start), or final-year students and recent graduates (for Off-cycle Feb/Mar start)

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Corporate Banking, Corporate Banking (off-cycle), Investment Banking or Investment Banking (off-cycle)

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


In Corporate Banking, you will gain first-hand experience of how our relationship managers, working closely with our product specialists, create innovative solutions to meet the banking needs of our largest corporate and institutional clients. You will have the opportunity to understand how we build sustainable trusted relationships with our clients, gain a great overview of the breadth of products HSBC can offer and see how we respond to our clients’ need by deploying these products into tailored solutions across multiple countries. You will learn how we can incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance into our client solutions, ranging from sustainable supply chains to raising green bond. You will also see how we help the bank manage the risk inherent in our business ranging from credit, reputational to financial crime.

As intern in Investment Banking, you will get a taste of how we work and advise our clients to support them achieving their long-term strategic goals. Working alongside senior team members and industry experts, you will develop and deepen your skills and financial knowledge and get a broad overview of the different activities and products offered by HSBC globally. You will work in team on a number of tasks including modelling, pitch books and other workstreams related to the execution of projects for our clients.

Your time here will be challenging and you’ll gain a breadth of experiences and gain a good understanding of what we do, from debt and equity capital raising, advisory, corporate lending, leveraged finance, real assets and structured finance, real estate, infrastructure, project and export finance.



We are looking for dedicated, courageous and curious people who are:

– Fast learners. You will collaborate with new people on constantly evolving projects to help our clients. Quickly building your knowledge will give you credibility when working with colleagues and solving client problems

– Intellectual curiosity. Our Global Banking business has a unique breadth of products in terms of what we offer and where we offer these solutions

Strategic thinkers. We might be an international-focused bank, but it’s critical to our success that we consider local strategies, becoming regional guides for our clients. This means having an analytical and strategic mind and focusing on client objectives

– Supportive team players. Teamwork is an important part of our business, and your development. Having a collaborative attitude will help you build a network of peers who are there to support you, and be supported too

Global Private Banking Summer Internship 更多詳情

For: Penultimate year undergraduates

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Global Private Banking

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


No matter what degree discipline you are studying, we will provide you with work that will introduce you to the world of Private Banking. Here, you will gain an understanding of wealth management strategies, explore the Private Banking portfolio, and learn to build relationships with clients and colleagues by working closely with our Senior Management teams.


We are looking for those who are:

– Curious learners. Our internship is all about immersing yourself in what we have to offer. We encourage you to learn and listen as much as you can in order to build relationships based on mutual respect. This will not only help you to understand what we do, but will help you on your way to become an expert in it too

– Flexible team players. Our business is international and you will be working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. You should adapt your style to different people and environments in a professional, considered and constructive manner, forming strategies to help you find better ways of doing things together

– Confident advisers. You will start your learning journey on how to advise clients and businesses on what is best for them. We will support you in building the expertise to meet clients’ needs. But ultimately, you take ownership over what you learn

– Patient listeners. In Global Private Banking, gaining the knowledge, experience and understanding to be able to succeed takes time. You will work with senior professionals to see how you can progress at your own pace

Markets Securities Services Summer Internship 更多詳情

Markets Securities Services Off-Cycle Internship 更多詳情

For:  Penultimate-year students (June/July start), or final-year students and recent graduates (for off-cycle Feb/Mar start)

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Markets – Markets (off-cycle), Sales, Sales (off-cycle), Trading, Trading (off-cycle) or Quants

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


After an induction, including tailored technical training, you’ll have the chance to explore your interests in either Sales, Trading or Global Research by working on projects or a number of transactions.

In Sales, you’ll be taught how to form lasting client relationships and you’ll build communication skills by presenting market views and investment solutions.

In Trading, you will build your understanding of the various dynamics that drive markets. You will learn the correlations between various factors and get a feeling for what to look out for when trading a particular market. You may also work on finding solutions for clients and liaise with the sales team, showing an ability to understand the dynamics of our business.

In Global Research, you will work alongside a team of experts to identify investment opportunities to support our clients. Our Economists analyse global themes and trends in order to make economic and policy forecasts.


You will get the opportunity to take great responsibility, while building on your personal and professional skills. We’re looking for:

– Inquisitive minds. You should always be questioning ideas and curious to learn more about our products and services, enabling us to meet our clients’ evolving needs

– Good networkers. We encourage you to work with clients, senior management, peers and our other teams internationally. This means you should be confident when communicating and show courage when presenting

– Opportunity takers. We’re an international company with opportunities around the globe. Jumping at the chance to take on a challenging, yet rewarding project will show you’ve got the motivation to progress to the next level

– Team players. We encourage our people to work together. This means collaborating with colleagues to learn more about our products, asset classes and how to best interact with clients. Being able to work well in a team will help take your career further

Global Asset Management – Sales Summer Internship 更多詳情

Global Asset Management – Investments Summer Internship 更多詳情

For:  Penultimate year undergraduates

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Global Asset Management – Sales or Investments

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


You will not only learn about the breadth of the impact of our work, from regional and individual accounts to multinational and investment opportunities, but you will discover the importance behind risk management and data analysis. You will explore how a dedicated and curious attitude can go far when it comes to offering our clients a better service.

For those joining our Sales stream, you will develop your interpersonal, communication and presentation skills, as you build your understanding of working with clients.

For those joining our Investments stream, you will develop your analytical skills, at both a micro and macro level. Intellectual curiosity and problem-solving are key.


We’re looking for collaborative and courageous people who are:

– Strategic thinkers. We might be an international-focused bank, but it’s critical to our success that we consider local strategies, becoming regional guides for our clients. You should be energised by the opportunity to provide better ways of working for our clients

– Problem solvers. We will task you with a range of projects that will require you to understand client needs and support the delivery of solutions. Having an analytical and innovative approach will help you to reach solutions faster

– Opportunity takers. We are an international company offering many opportunities. Jumping at the chance to take on a new meaningful and rewarding project will show that you’ve got the motivation to move up to the next level

– Sociable networkers. You will need to be able help solve customer problems while keeping a level head – a dedication to keeping your clients happy will go far


Commercial Banking Summer Internship 更多詳情

For:  Penultimate year undergraduates

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Commercial Banking

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


This internship aims to give you an idea of where you could fit within our business. To help you explore your interests and gain confidence in your abilities, you will take a hands-on, customer-facing role, where you can learn about our international capabilities and the 1.4 million business customers our Commercial Bank serves. Whatever degree you are doing, you will be supported to find an area you can succeed in, gaining the skills that are necessary to make your mark.


We are looking for collaborative and dedicated people who are:

– Sociable networkers. From clients to colleagues, you can have an active social role, putting our business customers at the heart of what you do. You will form trusted relationships, working together to find the right solution for the right client

– Diverse thinkers. Bringing fresh ideas to the table will get you noticed in a dynamic and important area of our bank. With your energised, courageous, and proactive attitude, you can identify areas of improvement quickly and find better ways of developing them

– Curious learners. Showing the motivation to learn about our Commercial Bank and the products we offer is essential in helping you develop a career with us. You will strive to become a credible expert, helping people to trust your suggestions

– Team players. You will work alongside senior leaders and peers across an international network in order to connect businesses with opportunities. So, it is vital you bring a team-orientated attitude to your approach

Wealth and Personal Banking Summer Internship 更多詳情

For:  Penultimate year undergraduates

Duration:  5 to 16 weeks

Areas:  Wealth and Personal Banking

Start date:  June 2021 onwards


This internship not only gives you an introduction to what we do, but it will also help you to understand how we work with our customers on exciting and innovative projects. You will get a taste of our fast-paced environment, and have the chance to work on projects affecting real business and community needs. Whether you are working on the frontline serving our customers, or within a head office environment, you will work with your team to solve a variety of problems for our clients and customers. In your role, you will have the opportunity to explore where your skills fit best and how to apply them to an international operation.


We are looking for collaborative, dedicated and courageous people who are:

– Confident communicators. In our ever-changing industry, it is vital that we talk to each other and pass on the correct information when required

– Good networkers. Our customers mean everything to us so it is important to be motivated to keep them happy and to solve customer problems in a calm manner

– Diverse thinkers. We look for people who are curious and can bring new ideas to the table with an enthusiasm for improving our service

– Flexible team players. We value collaborative team-work and our people working cross-functionally, to achieve the best outcomes for our customers. Being able to adapt and bringing a willingness to learn will be valued.


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