【HR人才要留意啦】EYHK 2020 Internship – Talent Team (Part-time / Full-time)

Carrie | 01/06/2020

EY 係一間跨國性專業服務公司,四大會計師樓之一。提供audit、 稅務、交易,咨詢同法律服務俾各類公司。呢家佢哋嘅Talent Team請緊 intern,主要負責請人同interview嘅admin work。對HR有興趣嘅你,又未搵到intern嘅你可以留意。



We are now inviting part-time or full-time interns will join our Recruitment Team to provide administrative and clerical support.

  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of applicants’ personnel files
  • Assist in the overall logistics arrangement of graduate and internship recruitment process, from interview appointments, assessment center preparation to the collection of evaluation and comments from the business units
  • Manage social media channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram Content planning and delivery through social platforms to engage potential candidates
  • Update recruitment report Other ad hoc duties / special projects as assigned


Skills & Requirements


Graduation Year : 2021 – 2023

Fields of Study : Any Discipline

Education Level (pursuing / obtained) : Bachelor Required

Level of Work Experience : None


Entry requirements

  • Current undergraduates in Human Resources, Psychology or related disciplines
  • Good command of both spoken/ written English and Chinese
  • Proficiency in MS Office including MS Word, Excel
  • With a sense of marketing trends
  • Well-versed in photo / video editing software is a plus
  • Willing to learn and hardworking
  • Detail-minded and organized
  • Able to work for part-time (2-3 days per week) / full-time between June to August 2020 is preferred


How To Apply


Submit an application with your CV, cover letter and academic transcript to [email protected]; stating your availability of the internship period.



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【Tourism Intern?】香港旅遊發展局-實習生計劃


    唔少同學都會有財務需要,例如交學費,交卡數,Hall Fee, Exchange等,uFinance 為學生提供現時市場上最簡易申請低息學生貸款滿足你嘅財務需要,讓你可以擁有一個無壓力而又充實嘅校園生活。

  • 同學仔只要係早上申請,最快可以係下午就拎到錢
  • 同學仔文件交齊,98%機會申請獲批
  • 提早還款唔會收同學仔任何手續費或罰息
  • 整個申請到還款過程 uFinance 不會收取同學任何手續費

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