【Graphic design高手入】Stylevana – Part-time Digital and Graphic Designer

Queenie | 23/12/2021

Stylevana係一個一站式網上商店,主要售出亞洲時尚產品以及美容產品。依家請緊Part-time Digital and Graphic Designer!有興趣就快啲Apply啦!


-Design and create digital creatives for eCommerce websites

-Assist in adapting existing graphic to different languages and for different target markets 




-Formal training in design (Diploma holder in graphic design) with solid understanding on website marketing and Ecommerce websites

-Expert knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator

-Knowledge in Premiere is preferred

-Effective time management

-Work well with the team

-Strong written English and communication skills

-Immediately availability preferred

-Work in office for 2-3 days per week 




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