【Band友看過來!】The Underground Junior Social Media / Writer Intern

cherri | 05/02/2020
【Band友看過來!】The Underground Junior Social Media - Writer Intern-01-min

The Underground係積極推廣本地獨立音樂嘅組織,曾經幫本地樂隊Solor、Kolor、Dear Jane;國際樂手及樂隊Brett Anderson, The Damned等舉辦演出。而家佢哋請緊Social Media/Writer Intern,對本地樂壇同埋寫作有興趣嘅同學唔好走寶!


  • – 指定和管理媒體發佈日程
  • – 搜集資料,在編採會議上匯報 等等


  • – 一年寫作經驗(亦會考慮沒有經驗的申請者)
  • – 認識全球樂壇動向
  • – 有團隊精神,亦能獨立工作
  • – 熟悉本地社交平台行文風格為佳
  • – 熟悉使用Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator為佳

The ideal candidate should have:
* An interest and understanding of current music scene worldwide.
* Excellent written communication skills in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
* Good written English needed as instructions will be given in English.
* Interest & enthusiasm in attending concerts and music festivals.

* Create and manage an editorial calendar
* Research and pitch ideas in our editorial meetings for posts, projects and videos
* Generate creative ways to illustrate bands and performers.
* Regular communication with management team over site goals, traffic and progress

Required Experience
* 1 year of work writing experience – we will consider those with no work experience too
* Ability to work collaboratively in small teams as well as independently
* Familiar with tones & writing styles used on Chinese social media platforms is a plus
* Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator is a plus



【恒大Part-time一覽】Event Assistant, Project Assistant, Research Assistant

【美妝達人】Sephora – Full-time Intern (Half-year Contract)

【香港Startup】Klook- Vertical Planning & Operations Intern


    唔少同學都會有財務需要,例如交學費,交卡數,Hall Fee, Exchange等,uFinance 為學生提供現時市場上最簡易申請低息學生貸款滿足你嘅財務需要,讓你可以擁有一個無壓力而又充實嘅校園生活。

  • 同學仔只要係早上申請,最快可以係下午就拎到錢
  • 同學仔文件交齊,98%機會申請獲批
  • 提早還款唔會收同學仔任何手續費或罰息
  • 整個申請到還款過程 uFinance 不會收取同學任何手續費

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